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Sleep Apnea Device Overview
Sleep apnea devices come in a myriad of different forms. Whether it is the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines or dental devices that are designed to open the airway, you should know what choices are out there in the market today.
Sleep apnea surgery will only be recommended by your physician if your sleep apnea condition is easily fixable. Otherwise, more than likely, the physician will recommend one of the many different sleep apnea devices that are available on the market.
You may find that a device that may work for someone else that you know, may not necessarily work for you. As with any other disorder, sleep apnea and the cause of sleep apnea is different in each and every patient that it affects; therefore, treatments in each patient will also vary. This is one of the reasons why there are so many different sleep apnea devices available on the market today.
Sleep Apnea Machines
CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines such as the BIPAP, VPAP and Bilevel machines are specifically designed to help with your breathing during nocturnal hours. They help through IPAP or Inspiratory positive airway pressure and Expiratory positive airway pressure or EPAP. With the different modes that are offered on these machines, you will be able to set them to either kick in just in case you are not breathing fine on your own (timed), or to respond after your in-respiratory breathing triggers the machine (spontaneous), or both (uses spontaneous first and then, if needed, it has the backup timed option).
Sleep disease Pillows
If you have to use a sleep disease machine that contains a mask, hose, straps, etc, then you will want to invest in a sleep disease pillow. This pillow is specifically designed to help release the pressure of the mask off your face which will help your comfort level and to allow you to move freely while you are sleeping without the hose getting in your way.
Oral breathing devices
These devices help to reposition your tongue and jaw while you are sleeping in order to help open up the airway, which in turn will help you breathe better. You can purchase these over-the-counter, but before you try anything, consult with your physician.
The mandibular advancement device is the most common used dental device that is used in the treatment of sleep disease. This device resembles a sports mouth BandarQ guard and causes the lower jaw (mandible) to be pressed down and slightly forward in order to keep the airway as open as possible.
The tongue retraining device (TRD) is basically a splint that helps to hold your tongue in place while you sleep so that your airway remains as open as possible.
No matter which type of device is recommended to you by your physician just remember that it will help you in the long run. It may be uncomfortable or awkward at first but you can get used to it. You should not give up on it in the beginning; it may take a little time.
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